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My theatre career started in 1994. I am an Actor and Theatre Practitioner - a term I use to cover all the work I do in theatre including Directing, Producing, and as a Drama and Acting Coach, among other things...


Since 2006 I have been the Creative Director of Theatre Workout, a multi-award-winning company which is the leading education partner for West End productions, and a specialist travel organiser for the global educational group travel market.


Theatre Workout has given me the opportunity to help people engage with drama, building their confidence to play, create and perform. I have developed programmes for 35+ major West End productions and cater for 8000+ students a year, plus programmes for corporate training and professional performers.

Theatre Workout has also helped me develop expertise in training, travel, audience engagement, and creative practice.

Other current/recent projects include:

  • Ongoing Acting - I recently spent a week in Prague to film a Coca Cola commercial

  • Oak National Academy as a Drama Teacher

  • Drama & Theatre Education Alliance (DTEA) as Communications Manager and Initiative lead working on Drama in Key Stages 1-3

  • London Tourism Cooperative as campaign supporter

  • Brand Manager for


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