Acting Credits


Academy Drama School; University College Scarborough; ARTTS International; Frantic Assembly, 1157 Performance Group; Stomp; National Theatre; 

Actors Centre; Forced Entertainment; Complicite; Fecund Theatre


Height: 5'10", Hair: Brown, Eyes: Blue, Playing Age: 35-45

  • Lucas, Bethany The Clairvoyant, Clever Boy Media, Tim Kent, 2012

  • Lord Carlisle, Dominic, Partizan, Lucy Tcherniak/James Willis, 2010

  • Georgie Spiller, Fieldwork, 1157 Performance Group, Matthew Scott and Jo Dagless, 2005

  • Tom, Supreme Beings, Minimum Wage Films, Andrew Wright, 2003

  • Young Country Boy, Ardeevan, Pebble Films, Jonathan Richards (RTE Best Short Film 2003), 2002

  • Adam, Congregation, My Wrongs No's 8245-8249 and 117, Warp Films Ltd, Chris Morris (BAFTA Best Short Film 2003), 2002

  • Mr Collins, Pride and Prejudice, Birdie Does, Amber Elliot, 2014

  • Apemantus, Timon of Athens, Lock & Key Theatre, Alice Langley, 2014

  • Mercutio, Romeo and Juliet, Birdie Does, Amber Elliot, 2014

  • Partygoer, After The Dance, The National Theatre, Thea Sharrock, 2010

  • Jeff, Momentum, Red Lion Theatre - Off Cut Festival, Lawrence Carmichael, 2009

  • Kemp / Jeff, Talkin Generations, Inspirational Arts - Rhodes Arts Centre, Steve Wilson, 2009

  • Number 4, 89% & Rising, 1157 Performance Group, Matthew Scott, 2008

  • Claudio, Much Ado About Nothing, English Theatre in Venice - Theatre Workout, Natalie-Anne Downs & Adam Milford, 2007

  • Claudio, Much Ado About Nothing, BlackCat Theatre Company, Andrew McWilliam, 2006

  • Romeo, Romeo & Juliet, BlackCat Theatre Company, Simon Jones, 2006

  • Adam, Seen and Not Seen, 1157 Performance Group, Matthew Scott and Jo Dagless, 2005

  • Ryan, Wasted, Theatre Adad, Karren Kirkwood, 2004

  • Bernard, The Queens Bridge, Crag Rats Theatre Co, Emma Fisher, 2004

  • Ryan, Wasted, Adad Theatre Co, Karen Kirkwood, 2003

  • Boy, Poor Ted, ONO Theatre Company, Louie Bayliss, 2002

  • Simon, W. Yorkshire Career Options Tour, Crag Rats Ltd, Mark Hayes, 2002

  • Peter Pan, Return To Never Never Land, LK Productions Ltd, James Card, 2001

  • Mr Dorimant, A Man Of Mode, Andrew Sketchley Theatre, Helen Alexander, 2000

  • Oberon/Theseus, A Midsummer Night's Dream, St Georges Theatre, Simon Bell, 2000

  • Vincent/Various Roles, Dead Woman On Holiday, Man In The Moon , Tim Reynolds, 2000

  • Jack Hunter, The Rose Tattoo, Andrew Sketchley Theatre, David O'Craick, 2000

  • Max, Lend Me A Tenor, Canal Cafe Theatre, David Robson, 1999

  • Everard Barfoot, The Odd Women, Andrew Sketchley, Paul Jaynes, 1999

  • King George III, In The Ruins, UCS Studio, Adam Milford, 1998

  • Jean-Paul Marat, Marat/Sade, UCS Studio, Joanna Crowley, 1998

  • Joey, Road, UCS Studio, Helen Mugridge, 1998

  • Slender, The Merry Wives of Windsor, Company Players, Andy Head, 1998

  • Mr Page, The Merry Wives of Windsor, UCS Studio, Helen Iball, 1997

  • Tommy/Craig, The Normal Heart, Dennis Potter, Mark Bilton, 1997

  • Man, Life, Fecund Theatre, John Keates, 1996



Stage Combat: unarmed, rapier, rapier and dagger, short sword;

Mask and Skin work;

Devising, Director,

Physical Theatre;


Open Air Theatre


Cycling; Horse-riding; Running; Swimming, Yoga

Accents & Dialects:

Birmingham, Barnsley, Essex, French, Hull,

Irish-Southern, Liverpool, London, RP, Suffolk, Welsh-Standard,

West Country, Yorkshire


Other Skills:

Animal Handling (dog owner), Artist (fine art), Artistic Director,

Assistant Director (experienced), Computer Literate, Cooking/Baking,

Dog Handler/Trainer,

Drama Coach (professional),

Drama Workshop Leader, Improvisation, IT Literate,

Motion Capture, Narration, Painting,

Producer (professional), Story Telling, Vocal Workshop Leader,

Workshop Leader,

Workshop Leader (Acting)

Voice Over & Recordings
  • Mr Darcy, Pride and Prejudice, Ash Productions Live, Edward Johnson, 2015

  • Character Voice Over, Karimojongs, Crimino Lone Ranger, Tehirah Bwalatum, 2011

  • Jim, Reed Learning: How To Be Liked & Respected, Fecund, Dave Osborn, 2004

  • Robert, Reed Learning: How To Reduce Stress In The Workplace, Fecund, Dave Osborn, 2004

  • Jonathan, Reed Learning: Spiritual Intelligence, Fecund, Dave Osborn, 2004

  • Wine Critic's Friend, Gordons Gin: Garden Party, Hungry Man, Paul Gay, 2011


  • Presenter, Business Workout Events, Theatre Workout Ltd, Adam Milford, 2012

  • Tony McRea, Janssen-Cilag Pharmaceuticals, Studio "B" Productions, Tess Townsend, 2002

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